We’ve partnered with industry leader Spreadshirt to fulfill our online orders using vibrant, durable on-demand printing methods and comfortable garments from well-known brands like American Apparel, Bella+Canvas, Gildan and more. Spreadshirt now also handles our payment processing, shipping, and after-sales service. This partnership allows us to keep our prices low and the quality high. More importantly, it allows us to do less work and take more naps.

So are these shirts crappy digital transfers like at CafePress or Zazzle?
Hells no! Afternoon Tees use a much nicer printing method known as plot printing. Instead of using digital transfers to convert bitmaps into designs, like CafePress, Spreadshirt allows us to use their magnificent machines to apply highly durable richly colored inks onto their fabulous fabrics.

Ah… so the shirts are going to look like crap after a few washes.
C’mon now, we wouldn’t do that. Plot printing takes a thin layer of polyurethane color material then precisely cuts it out with a crazy vector driven cutting machine. Then the color is heat pressed until it fuses to the fabric of your soon-to-be tee shirt. Why do we use it? This is why…

  • Plot prints don’t fade with washing
  • Plot prints are soft and comfortable
  • Plot prints are available in a variety of specialty surfaces

Are Afternoon Tees printed on cheap, craptastic undershirts?
How dare you? We don’t think we like your tone. We offer a number of well-known brands and all of the them are of superior quality. And none of them contain any asbestos either. So there’s that.

I’m looking for a product or style that’s not listed. What shall I do?
Using our fancy-dancy “Customizer” we can print our designs on all sorts of different apparel and merchandise. Simply click the orange “Customize this design” link from any t-shirt page. And then your customizing. It’s like magic, only more magical.

I see your coupon code. How do I redeem it?
It’s so easy a drunk caveman could do it…

  • Click our cute little cart icon and proceed to checkout
  • On the right side of the checkout area, you’ll find the +Redeem your coupon option (see screen shot below)
  • If you’re using a mobile device, the input field is right under the e-mail address
  • Enter the code and hit enter or change over to the next input field to confirm

You can only use one coupon code per order. If you should not need to use your code in full, we’ll be glad to issue a new coupon in the amount of the remaining credit. Just call 1-800-381-0815 (Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm ET) or email Spreadshirt and refer your order ID.

When will my awesome new product be delivered?
Hey there Curious George… you sure do have a lot of questions. Your items are printed by hand and usually ship within 2 business days after receipt of payment. You can find more detailed info about shipping costs, shipping times, Express shipping, etc on the Spreadshirt web site.

What types of payment do you accept?
Sorry, we are no longer accepting bags of nickels. Methods of payment available are based on the country where the order was received from and the total amount on the bill.

I don’t think my order confirmation was received.
After submitting your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Spreadshirt. This confirmation is sent within minutes after an order is placed. If you do not receive this confirmation, it is most likely due either to technical problems or an error in your e-mail address (e.g. typo). In this case, please call 1-800-381-0815 (Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm ET) or email Spreadshirt and let them know that you haven’t received your order confirmation e-mail. Be sure to provide your full name, e-mail address and street address used in the order as well as the order date.

Can I cancel my order?
Um, ok… here is the bad news. Remember that nifty “plot printing” I mentioned as my fancy new printing method? Well it turns out there is one drawback to using this system. Each shirt is printed on demand and made to order, we don’t keep any stock and each shirt is treated as a custom beautiful unique snowflake.

So, to cancel or change an order, you must first check the status of your order to see if this is possible. To check the status of your order, please log into your account. If you’ve placed your order as a guest, you can follow the link in your order confirmation email to look into it.

  • If your order is labeled “in production”, you will not be able to make changes to your order.
  • If it is marked as “wait” or as “new”, and it is between the times of 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET Monday – Friday, you will be able to cancel or change your order by calling our customer service department at 1-800-381-0815.
  • If it is outside of normal business hours, then you must cancel your existing order and place a new one with the correct information. To do this, log into your account and click the red “Cancel” button. If you do not do this, your order will automatically begin production the following morning.

Please note that once an order begins production, you can no longer make any changes and we cannot stop the shipment of your order.

What’s this about a Satisfaction Guarantee?
We know your going to love your goodies. But if your order contains printing errors or defective goods, we will of course take back the product and refund your money or send you a new product. Even when there is nothing wrong with the product, you can return it within 30 days after ordering.

  • Exchange it if you don’t like the product,
  • Receive a coupon for your next order, or
  • Have the product cost refunded, as long as you haven’t designed the product yourself.

Simply call 1-800-381-0815 (Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm ET) or email Spreadshirt for more details.

I still haven’t received my order?
After your goodies are shipped you will receive an e-mail from Spreadshirt confirming the shipment. If – whatever the reason – you feel that your order has not been received in the proper timeframe, please please call 1-800-381-0815 (Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm ET) or email Spreadshirt. We kindly ask that should this be the case, you let us know no later than 6 weeks after ordering.

I’m having trouble ordering. The site says my cart is empty.
Damn you Al Gore! Your interwebs aren’t working. We’re aware of issues with certain browsers and our team of web monkeys is looking into it. If you’re not already, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome when ordering.

I want to offer these awesome tees to my customers.
Well of course you do. Afternoon Tees can now be found in fine retailers all across Wisconsin and the rest of these great United States. Interested in wholesale information? We’d love to be inside of you. Wait, that sounds weird. But you know what we mean. Learn more.

After swatting flies, is it best to clean up their corpses or leave them as a warning to their brethren?
We suggest getting rid of the evidence. Apparently there are 11 Drosphila fly species that are on the endangered list (seriously) and yours just might be one of them. The last thing you want is to be arrested for flyslaughter. That’s the kind of publicity you want to avoid. Additionally, flies only have around 100k neurons and getting food is on top of their priority list, as you may have noticed. If one of their buddies is knocked off they probably think there’s more food for them and carry on pestering you.

You’re still reading? You must really love FAQs, weirdo. We’re done here. Go pick out a new shirt or something.